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  • My Little Treasures KC Suitcase

    KC Suitcase


    THE KC SUITCASE: is your baby’s first suitcase designed to hold everything you need for the hospital for your new precious arrival, my little treasures kc suitcase is the suitcase your child can treasure always and bring it with them through their journey of life, from their first sleep over in nannies and grandad to their first big step in the world of opportunity.

  • My Little Treasures Memory Box

    Memory Box


    My little treasures memory box is beautifully hand crafted and made in Ireland, it comes in a burgundy with silver ribbon and silver inset, the memory box is covered in a vinyl material for easy clean, this multifunctional memory box that a parent has to keep hold of all their child’s special keepsakes and memory, from the first outfit they ever wore I to their baptism candle.

  • My Little Treasures Box Open

    My Little Treasures Clothing


    My little treasures clothing is made of 100% cotton so that it is gentle on baby’s skins.